Extend Your Site.

Kickstrap makes your site purr with

Apps, Themes, and Extras



Changing your site's appearance is dead simple

Thanks to Thomas Park of Bootswatch, Kickstrap comes with a handful of themes ready-to-go. And we've got more in our Themes Store


Additions to Bootstrap's default UI library

Extras extend the default Bootstrap CSS library to give you bonus elements like Font Awesome icons, flush spans, and step-wise progress bars

If it works in Bootstrap, it works in Kickstrap.

Kickstrap adds a separate layer on top of Bootstrap.

This means you can keep Bootstrap up-to-date without compromising your existing code. With Kickstrap's extendible framework, you'll never need to touch the Bootstrap core files, and can easily toggle its components on or off to keep your page zippy.

Write LESS.

LESS = Supercharged CSS.

Kickstrap works via LESS (if you want), a CSS preprocessor which makes writing CSS a snap. Define variables for colors, measurements, or strings; Create mixins to reuse style calculations as functions, and much more.

Any Platform, Any Language, No installation.

A revolutionary new way to make websites

Too many frameworks promise to make your life easy only to require you to install obscure dependencies. Kickstrap is ready out of the box. Just put Kickstrap on your server and begin making your website.


Modularized for stability, efficiency, and customization

Kickstrap is designed to be loosely-coupled. By default it runs with jQuery*, LESS, FontAwesome, Bootstrap, and many other features, but these parts can be easily removed and swapped to meet your needs.

*jQuery independence coming soon